High-quality materials

AMT is one of the fastest growing cookware producers in Europe. Our products are widely known in almost 100 countries around the world. Our company is built on the foundations of old german traditions, going back to 1904.

The company has always been in the reliable hands of the family Möhl, now leading into the 3rd generation. We are very proud of our outstanding quality and our numerous awards that confirm that we are meeting the needs of proud culinary artists all over the world, no matter if at home for health conscious families or in the professional gastronomy.


Precise - handmade craftsmanship

- We cast aluminum in an old traditional way. Thanks to that our cookware can have up too 9 mm thick bottom.

- 9 mm thick aluminum bottom is a huge base of heat storage: heats up fast and reduces energy consumption.

- Infallible stability: guarantee 25 years* for non warping.

- Your pan or pot will stay even on any kind of stove and absorbs energy in the best way.

* for the induction body 3 years warranty


Refined for excellent haptic

In our company we combine tradition, solid craftsmanship, modern technology and expertise knowledge together with top-grade materials to guarantee our customers premium quality.

History specifically
for making cooking history



R. Neufeld receives the approval of the Imperial Construction Inspectors to build an Aluminum foundry in the Recken Street in Lüdenscheid, Germany.



Albert Schiffer takes over the foundry Neufeld and establishes Albert Schiffer OHG, where sand and gravity die-casted products of Aluminum are produced.



The beginning of the production of casted Aluminum cookware.



Helmut Möhl takes over the company Albert Schiffer.



Foundation of the company Metallguss Möhl GmbH by Harald Möhl, since then production on half-automatic hydraulic casting machines.



Acquisition of coating machinery.

Takeover of the foundry Honsel in Werdohl, Germany by Helmut Möhl.Albert Schiffer GmbH moves to Werdohl.

Production of the first induction cookware.



The company AMT Alumetall-Gießtechnik GmbH is founded in Lüdenscheid by Helmut Möhl.



Acquisition of the first CNC-Machines for the purpose of tool construction for Metallguss Möhl GmbH. Construction 3D Solid Works and Mastercam.



Acquisition of the foundry Colsman in Werdohl, foundation of Alutec-Möhl GmbH by Harald und Helmut Möhl.

Start of low-pressure die-casting production.

Start of series production on CNC-Machining centres.

Start of equipping with detachable handles.



Takeover of Gebr. Müller GmbH & Co. KG by Harald Möhl.

Start of pressure die-casting production.

Takeover of the gravity die-casting foundry Gustav Schmale in Lüedenscheid by Harald Möhl.

220 employees.



The beginning of the cooperation with the German Chefs Association and the German Culinary Team to develop new and innovative cookware.

47 of 51 internationally renowned national culinary teams use our products at the culinary olympics.

Acquisition of fully automatic coating machinery and a plasma coating system.



Fusion of Metallguss Möhl GmbH and Albert Schiffer Nachf. GmbH in Alutec-Möhl GmbH as acquiring corporation.

290 employees.



Extension of the coating machinery systems to full automatic robot operation.



Acquisition of diverse patents, utility models and trademark rights.



Acquisition of the first of in the meantime three laser cutting machine.

380 employees.

We have patented the detachable handle for pots and pans (patent number: 2586346)

This unique functionality helps not only with cleaning and storage, but also with preparing meals! You can cook, fry, bake in the oven and serve meals from the same cooking dish.


Best of

PLUS X Award for the “Best product of the year”.



KitchenInnovation prize for our One-hand Universal Pressure Cooker for functionality, design and ecological sustainability.

PLUS X Award for the “Best product of the year”.

KitchenInnovation prize for the silicone-covered steamer for functionality and material quality.

Acquisition of a professional thermal camera to optimise heating-up time and heat transmission, subsequently we received the certification “Energy Efficient products” from the TÜV Rheinland, Germany.



KitchenInnovation prize for the AMT system “Waterless Cooking” for functionality, product usage and design.

KitchenInnovation prize: Favourite Brand Gold voted by consumers.



KitchenInnovation prize - special mention - for our Grill pan E285BBQ for functionality, material and innovation.

PLUS X Award for functionality.

Independent ETM Testmagazin granted us Grade: Excellent For the non-stick qualities.

KÜCHE Bronze Award for the BBQ-Grill GN 1/1 + 2/3, category: Kitchen accessories.



The World Chefs Association WACS recommends our products because of the outstanding cooking results.

German Brand Award winner – Industry Excellence in Branding.



KÜCHE Silver Award for our Pressure Cooker Set (4, 5, 5,5 and 7 liter), category: Kitchen Technic.

German Brand Award winner – Industry Excellence in Branding.

KitchenInnovation prize for our pans with patented detachable handles for functionality, product usage, and material quality.



Catering Star bronze for the GN 1/1 multipurpose baking tray item nr. 5333WP.

German Design Award for the GN 2/3 BBQ tray item nr. I-23722G-BBQ, category: Excellent Product Design.

KitchenInnovation prize for new induction bottom I 3.0 for functionality, product benefit and design, category: Consumers’ Choice.

KitchenInnovation prize for our GN 1/1 multipurpose baking tray item nr. 5333WP for functionality, product benefit and material quality, category: Cooking and kitchen utensils – Recommended by chefs “Golden Award” – Best of the Best.



KitchenInnovation prize for our GN 1/1 casted multi tray with 11 depressions, item nr. 5333MP for functionality, product benefit, design and material quality, category: Recommended by chefs.

KitchenInnovation prize for our Copper Line for functionality, innovation, product benefit, design, material quality, category: Award Winning Product – Consumers’ Choice.


Focus Money Award

AMT products have been awarded the “Price-Performance Ratio” award by Focus Money magazine. Thanks to durable materials used in production our cooking dishes will not only serve for years, but also bring comfort and help with saving money.


Solar energy

With the protection of the natural environment in mind we have created our own solar panel park. Thanks to it we create AMT products using renewable energy as well.

Our goal is to use solar energy entirely in production.


Red Dot Award

For the Ecopan, which was created with protection of the natural environment in mind, we have also created an ecological packaging. Its design was awarded with the international design award - Red Dot

Award-winning products

  • Red Dot
  • Slow Food
  • Kitchen Innovation
  • Focus Money
  • German Brand Award
  • German Innovation Award
  • German Design Award
  • Influencer's Top

The best in the world cook only with the best in the world

The excellent quality and innovation of the AMT products has meant, that many chefs, both professional and amateur cooks have trusted us. For many years we have been accompanying and supporting chefs at Culinary Olympics and international competitions