Delicious Italian focaccia with cocktail tomatoes, olives and rosemary

Focaccia with cocktail tomatoes, olives and rosemary charms with its looks. This unique Italian bread is a perfect snack or an addition to the main course. You can bake this delicious bread from yeast dough in an oven, not only on a tray, but also on carefully chosen AMT pan. We serve baked focaccia glazed with good quality olive oil.

Ingredients for dough:

  • 310g flour type 450
  • 4g of dried instant yeast
  • Half a spoon of salt
  • Half a spoon of sugar
  • 220ml of warm water
  • 50ml of olive oil

Ingredients for garlic butter:

  • 3 spoons of butter
  • 2 cloves of pressed out garlic
  • Pinch of salt
  • Small handful of chopped parsley


  • A few cocktail tomatoes
  • A few olives
  • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Other ingredients at your discretion


Pour measured amount of flour, dried yeast, salt and sugar into the bowl. Mix all. Add warm water. Combine everything with a spoon and add 4 spoons of olive oil at the end. Mix the dough until initial combining of all ingredients. You shouldn’t make it for too long or pour in any flour, because the dough should have a loose and sticky consistency.

Leave the prepared dough in the bowl and sprinkle it with olive oil on the top. Wrap the bowl tightly with a food wrap and put it in the fridge for the whole night, or even 24h if you mean to bake the focaccia the next day.

After this time, move the bread to a 28cm diameter AMT frying pan, cover it with cloth and leave like that for half an hour. Next, use your hands to press the dough to the shape and size of the pan. Cover it with cloth again and leave for 1,5h, so it can rise again. Close to end of rising, turn on your oven and heat it up to 220˚C with up and down heaters, but no hot air. The dough should be soft and tender.

You should spread olive oil on the risen dough and make delicate recesses with your fingers. Add cocktail tomatoes, olives and smaller sprigs of rosemary. Prepared like that focaccia bake in AMT frying pan for ca. 30 minutes, until in goldens.

Take out the finished focaccia out of the oven and place on AMT silicone trivet, that is resistant to high temperatures. Spread garlic butter on focaccia and serve it cooled down with your favorite side dishes like ripened ham or mozzarella cheese.

Bon Appétit!